A message from Steve LeFever, Founder and Chairman of Profit Mastery — and primary author of the Profit Mastery University online program…

Welcome, and thank you for making the decision to invest in our online web-based video Profit Mastery program! We believe Profit Mastery is the finest financial management program ever produced, and I promise you’ll find the information to be insightful — and enjoyable to learn. You’ll find the video program takes you right into the classroom with me; it’s just like being there.

This program has been attended by hundreds of thousands of business owners, bankers, and CPAs — and the response of the business community has been remarkably consistent — with comments like: “best program ever” and “I will never look at my business the same way again.”

So enjoy the program, and when you finish you’ll have command of the most powerful and effective financial analysis tools ever developed.

Please don’t hesitate to email us with your questions and feedback to Profit Mastery.

Remember: it’s a journey, not a race.


Steven C. LeFever, MBA, CFE
Chairman, Profit Mastery

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